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You have the choice to create a way of living that fuels your fire and has you fully living your life, without stress or anxiety, without the artificial limits that hold you back.

Whether you’re just starting out or have already learned a lot about how to make life work for you, we can take you from where you are to where you want to be, living your happiest, most powerful life.

The no-cost-ever Life University is your resource and guide to living an anxiety-free life where you feel, and are, personally powerful each and every day. We help you identify what is holding you back so you can let go of it  and live your best life.

"Keith Garrick’s material on his website and also this book are without doubt the absolute best I have come across in 20 years on these subjects for reasons I will describe..."


What does that personally powerful, happy life look like?

It looks like an anxiety-free existence that enables you to be always relaxed, living in your highest state, and able to create whatever you want in life. 

To create that, we teach you how to completely master your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions – something that was probably left out of your formal education.

We have many ways to get you started, but we recommend you check out our guide to understanding your beliefs as it is one of the foundations for all of the other work we do at The Life University.

So, what type of life do you want to live?

We all desire a life of joy, love and happiness and that starts by creating a wonderful internal world; but once you create that you will have the energy to fully play in, access from, and enjoy the exterior world around you.

What are the things you want in your life? We would bet it includes meaningful relationships, an amazing lifestyle, a gorgeous house, travels around the world, adventures of a lifetime, your amazing creations, and an enjoyable, fulfilling “work” existence?

We help you identify what that is, so that you can enjoy the game of life even more! 

You can create whatever you want in life. But it’s often hard to understand how to make that happen, how to find where you are and where you truly want to go. 

Our goal is to help get you inspired and understand your vision, then build the foundation and the bridge to actually get you there!

So how do you get there?

Quite simply, the key question and the key to it all is “how do you get there?”

That’s where we come in. The Life University provides you the tools and resources and the step by step guidance to most quickly and effectively close the gap from the life you are currently living to the life you desire. 

We will help you build awareness and mastery, gain clarity, and create the “mindset” of a life-successful, very happy individual. 

We’ve built a structure for you to access whatever you need whenever you need it in life, from the 3500+ pieces and the extensive resources we screen for you.

seedling, gardening, greenhouse

We want to help you learn effectively

We want to make this process faster, easier, and better for you!

By better, we mean we are going to help you create an effective learning system, internalize and implement the material, and then very effectively use your new tools and skills in your real life.

By the end of working with The Life University, you will have mastered your beliefs, your emotions, your happiness, and your life effectiveness. You will feel better on a daily basis and the negative background chatter going through your head will have been happily transformed. 

We believe you will discover a version of yourself that has never been happier.

That self will have the absolutely necessary first requirement in life: a super strong beliefs and emotional foundation that will allow and fuel creating the rest of your greatest life!  

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May you have a truly life changing experience!



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