The wisest approach to learning and implementing is often to get the overview on what is available and a sense of how it all fits together into one’s life.  This is what the Proactive Results Learner does when using the Survey, Question, Then Read system that is in my  Smart, Directed, Effective, Proactive Learning Booklet – Using “Completed Results Learning” To Create The Life You Want!  (You should quickly survey that booklet to see what is in it and to put it on your implementation list for creating the best life! At some point, you might choose to actually be a skillful “Proactive Results Learner”.)

To do this, just look at the programs you are interested in from the Programs page on the site, select one to look through (or list on a piece of paper all the ones to look at).  

In each program, always scan the table of contents to get a sense of how it all fits together.  Then you would look through the reading sequence to get an overview and to make sense of what the program is about.  In some instances, of course, you might want to go deeper into one of the items and to either survey or read that piece.  

Anyway, the point is for you to be a person who decides what is of the most value and then does, in order, that which is most valuable in life!  (In which case you’d be following one the most valuable life principles of all: Choose The Next Highest Payoff, Always!