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Evaluate how you are doing on the actions that create a great lifestyle



(Link to share: The Lifestyle Evaluation! And The Action Statements To Support One’s Lifestyle)  Go there to get a better formatted copy to complete.

You must do those things that actually cause and contribute to a better lifestyle – it doesn’t just happen.

See how you’re doing in this area of lifestyle! 

Score your compliance with these statements as follows (each score shows how true or the amount of time you believe that statement is true for you):

  1. = not at all true for me
  2. = somewhat true or true only part of the time
  3. = fairly true or true about half the time
  4. = mainly true or true most of the time
  5. = true all of the time

(Scroll down to the scoring sheet.)

Action Statements—Life Style Evaluation No. 70A

__ 1. I accept complete responsibility for my own well-being, for everything I think, say, do and feel.

__ 2. I am my own authority for everything I do, and direct my life in constructive channels.

__ 3. I make decisions promptly and willingly accept the consequences.

__ 4. I discipline myself through monitoring my thoughts, desires, images and expectations.

__ 5. I think for myself and act accordingly.

__ 6. I allow myself the freedom to make mistakes, to be “wrong,” to fail, free of self-accusation,     

         guilt or feeling “less than.”

__ 7. I take deep satisfaction in doing my work conscientiously and well.

__ 8. I approach every problem and new endeavor with confidence.

__ 9. I do not blame others for my problems, mistakes, defeats or handicaps.

__ 10. I do not procrastinate or drift; I motivate myself in line with my chosen life objectives.

__ 11. I follow all undertakings through to a logical conclusion.

__ 12. I do not allow personal comparisons to affect my sense of worth.

__ 13. I do not try to prove my worth by my accomplishments.

__ 14. I defer to no one on account of wealth or status.

__ 15. I do not blame myself for my mistakes, defeats or failures.

__ 16. I stand up for my own values, opinions and convictions.

__ 17. I refrain from no endeavor because of fear of failure or defeat.

__ 18. I do not require others’ confirmation or agreement and approval to do as I myself see fit.

__ 19. I do not let others talk me into things against my better judgment.

__ 20. I am patient, kind and gentle with myself.

__ 21. I take the initiative in personal contacts and relationships.

__ 22. I walk erect and face everyone with a friendly countenance.

__ 23. I do not deny my needs, feelings or opinions to please others.

__ 24. I am frank and open with everyone, free of all masks and pretensions.

__ 25. I do not try to impress others with my worth or importance.

___ YOUR LIFE STYLE INDEX or LSI (sum of scores for all statements)

The possible range of Life Style Indexes is from 0 to 100. The higher

your score, the more your lifestyle is in accord with the realities of

human behavior.

Excerpted from Building Sound Self Esteem, Happiness, And Healthy Straight Thinking, L.S. Barksdale, which is provided free by our never-a-cost site: Gain Access

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