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The key to all of life is having a better way of thinking!

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This piece is actually a “forward” for a book that gets great results for those who follow it.  You can get a free copy of the book right after the piece.  

The author of the forward makes many great points, but I’ll pull this one out for you to get an idea of what it is about: 

“But even stranger is the observation made by Schweitzer and others that few people really think—about themselves, their relationships, their life goals, and “what it’s all about.” Much of what passes for thinking in everyday life appears to be rationalization, blaming of one’s fate or fortunes, projection, self-pity, or even a cleverly presented tirade of jealousy.”

We cannot afford to live that way, to acquiesce to wasting much of our life that way.  

Please read it and see if it is something you want to heed!  And consider getting the book (free).



by L.D. Mathae, Ph.D. Consulting Clinical Psychologist

It seems strange to observers that so few people are happy, so few people enjoy life, and so few people know what to do about their situation. So many appear to have given up and to have reconciled themselves to unhappiness, so many live out their lives in “quiet desperation,” and so very many attempt to lose themselves in various activities and pursuits.

But even stranger is the observation made by Schweitzer and others that few people really think—about themselves, their relationships, their life goals, and “what it’s all about.” Much of what passes for thinking in everyday life appears to be rationalization, blaming of one’s fate or fortunes, projection, self-pity, or even a cleverly presented tirade of jealousy.

Tragically unheeded by many are such wise and timeless truths as the saying by Marcus Aurelius,” Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your WAY OF THINKING.”

To find a “way of thinking” that will help a person find “that type of fulfillment that will yield joy, serenity, wisdom, creativity, and power—that will enable him to resolve his own personal turbulences, achieve a deeper interdependence with his fellow man; and gain a sense of the end for which he was created” has been labelled the eternal search.

Philosophers, theologians, historians, writers, psychologists, and other professional observers of the human scene have searched deeply in this area; and have written profound volumes. 

Although such writings are by and large respected by the public, all too often an eager searcher begins a volume by one of them with high hopes; but after a few chapters turns away disappointed, with the feeling that the book is beautifully written, well-presented theory, is high and noble in tone, or dryly academic; but that, in short, it is not “practical,” and fitted to everyday life. Further, many readers question whether or not the author has “really lived,” been in the business “jungle,” or has actually spent much time on life’s “firing line.”

Increasingly, the trend appears to be toward authors who have lived a full life, have “practiced” what they preached, and who now in their maturity have collected and organized for others the philosophies and principles they have lived by. [And which we should live by!]

Such a person, in my opinion, is the author of this book, L.S. Barksdale. Here is a person of superb intelligence, deep insight, sincere compassion for his fellow human beings; who has “made it” in a competitive business world—a man who has been widely respected and honored by both fellow management and his employees; a person who has had the wisdom and integrity to operate an extensive modern business on “golden rule” principles. He has been widely acclaimed by professionals in many areas for demonstrating that fairness, honesty, sincerity, care and concern for the total welfare of his employees, and other so-called “old-fashioned” virtues are as timely and effective in a computerized business world as they were years ago.

His beliefs and writings are not wishful thinking, “pie in the sky” intellectualized theorizing, or still another form of “positive thinking” in a new guise. They are what I call “hardheaded humanism.” His company policies were in full accord with the “latest” management theory of MIT’s MacGregor and other researchers. Mr. Barksdale’s observations, however, are not “academic” in flavor, but are rooted in real-life situations. His insights have been painfully gleaned from a “heap of living,” emotional turmoil and a probing, analytical mind that has penetrated deeply into many lives—soul searching by many people.

With his background in engineering, Mr. Barksdale has had little use for unproven theories or petty hypotheses. He has subjected his own operating principles and theories to the same rigorous testing that has made his hydraulic equipment world famous. He has carefully formulated his beliefs, subjected them to merciless analysis, taken them on life’s proving ground, and has accepted his own thinking only when its consistency works.

His principles for living have contributed to his success and growth, not only in the business world, but also in his own personal life. They have enabled him to habitually experience an exceptional degree of psychological functioning and awareness, to have inner peace and happiness; and they have functioned as an emotional “shock absorber” in times of personal tragedy and adversity.

As a consulting clinical psychologist I have observed the actual effects and results of Mr. Barksdale’s way of thinking and behaving toward his fellow human beings. It is most reassuring to note that his philosophies have produced an oasis of human-ness in the vast desert of dehumanization that is so typical of modern business—and some family living. His philosophies have created an atmosphere remarkably devoid of fear, deceit, withdrawal, and the other forces that can squeeze the creativity and very life of people doomed to live in an industrial jungle. To sum up my evaluation of Mr. Barksdale’s principles—THEY WORK!

Although the founder and owner of three highly successful industrial firms, Mr. Barksdale became so convinced that better human understanding is of crucial importance in our troubled world that he disposed of his business interests in order to devote his energies to its advancement. It is his sincere hope and ardent desire that these same hard-won perceptions which have proven to be of such inestimable personal benefit to him be made available to others.

I am honored to present his writings, and gratified to know that excellent psychological principles are being interwoven with his own personal wisdom, and presented in a way that will be reassuring to many, and for still others will offer the first hope of a fuller life and a better world.”

Excerpted from Building Sound Self Esteem, Happiness, And Healthy Straight Thinking, L.S. Barksdale, which is provided free by our never-a-cost site: Gain Access


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