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“…without doubt the absolute best I have come across in 20 years on these subjects…”

I am 36 and have been on a path of “self-discovery” for about 20 years now. I have practiced many many different Eastern and Western teachings and read hundreds of books on the topic. My mother is a teacher in the field and therefore any book one can think of or spiritual practice it is almost certain I would have either read/practiced it or had exposure to it in some form. Keith Garrick’s material on his website (thelifemanagementalliance) and also this book are without doubt the absolute best I have come across in 20 years on these subjects for reasons I will describe.

It wasn’t until I accidentally stumbled upon “neuro-plasticity” about 3 years ago that I truly started to supercharge my personal growth. I was on Google trying to find out as much as I could about “the brain” and the science of how we operate. Our biology. That’s when I stumbled upon Keith’s site.

Spiritual practices are fantastic, which I still practice 1-2 hours a day. However, I started to struggle to understand “why” I was doing these exercises, such as meditating, going on long camps, visualising, reading affirmation statements, the list goes on. Why are they helping me? What is it about my biological makeup, including my brain, that makes them so effective or indeed ineffective? I knew if I really wanted to go to the next level in my growth just taking what I had been taught at “face-value” wasn’t going to work.

I started to read a lot of books on neuro science and combined that with my knowledge of “spiritual” teachings. The problem was I could find heavily scientific orientated books/videos/materials that went into a lot of detail about the various functions of the brain/body or books/videos/materials that delved deeply into the teachings of various gurus, including the Buddha and their practices. Very little really combined the two and linked them together. Nothing really went into detail about how we as a species “operate” but more importantly how to “use” that information and apply it to our lives.

When I found Keith’s site on Google I read through it for weeks and found so many practical tools, plans and material that forced me to gain a deep understanding of who “I” truly was from not only a spiritual perspective but also a scientific perspective. It really is a treasure-trove of information combining everything I needed to know about the science of ourselves with highly practical techniques to apply daily that have immediate benefits. I also couldn’t believe the entire site is FREE! Keith is really a gentleman and a scholar. I find it unbelievable that he has written all the material over many years and shared it for free. A true hidden gem of a site and man. Don’t take my word for it, visit his website and see for yourself. Almost all the other “teachers” such as the Eckhart Tolle’s, Robbins, Hicks to name a few all charge for their material. I have paid for it all and I am not saying it isn’t useful, but the information on Keith’s site is infinitely better, not even comparable and it’s free.

The only other material that comes close is Vipassana, which is also free (surprise surprise that the most useful material in all walks of life tends to be readily available for virtually zero cost!). I have attended several 10 day silent meditation camps and I practice Vipassana 1-2 hours a day and it has in combination with Keith’s website & book transformed my life. Keith’s material has really helped me supercharge my meditation and truly understand why I do it and what additional steps I can take on top of my daily practice to take me to the next level. Real practical things I can add to my mediation which I won’t list here because you can get a feel for it on his website for free or indeed in this incredible book.

The book essentially combines a significant chunk of what is on the website into readily executable ideas. You can start to implement the ideas in it for immediate benefit. I have implemented a lot of Keith’s ideas in this book and his website for the past two years and they have been truly transformational in my work and relationships. My girlfriend tells me these days she no longer recognises me as the same person from 2-3 years ago which is always nice to hear although I have a lifetime’s work left to do to reach where I want to!

If I could give one piece of advice it would be to stick to one or two things and practice those things consistently for at least 6-12 months if not longer to truly see long term benefit. For me those were some of the practical steps on Keith’s site and in this book and the Vipassana practice. For you it may be something different. However, take a look and decide for yourself. Oh and reach out to Keith if you have questions, I randomly contacted him and he responded back to me with fantastic guidance on areas I hadn’t quite understood. 

The journey is long but well worth it! 

Good luck!

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