Meet Keith

“My vision is to create the world’s most effective means for people to live their best lives, all provided at no cost.
And in the process, for them to significantly impact others such that their lives are significantly better.”

I'm here to help you massively UPGRADE your life!

When I took the wonderful EST trainings (preceded Landmark), I loved the content, but it was in pieces that would get one up and running but with nowhere to go.  They would fall into the chasm between the partial knowledge and the motivation and the next course.  I vowed at the time to help provide the necessary bridges (for free) that would take individuals to the true life mastery level AND have them be able to pass that on to those whom they really cared about.

Many courses later (in the 9 month Wisdom Course), I first put it into the public domain on a site template that was very simple.  

I decided I wanted to have an institute/foundation that would provide free coaching, help with formulating life plans, and provide scholarships for non-free workshops that were of particular value.

It seemed to me that we could impact the world a lot more by fully training in life skills a group of individuals who would be so effective in life that they could actually address world problems at a higher level of impact/solution.  In turn the effect of having such effective leaders (nonpolitical), would geometrically expand to create more leaders and a more rapidly rising world with people being much wiser and happier and effective in life. 

(Thoughts about financing and building such an institute.)


His Successes And Proven Excellence

From honors academically, to awards for top performance in business, to owning and running his own business, Keith has spent the last 20 years, full-time, on his dream of creating the most effective online/source for individuals to create their personal power and effectiveness in life, such that they will create the greatest happiest lives.


  • Honors MBA, Stanford Graduate School Of Business
  • Honors for one of the nations’ highest scores on the CPA exam
  • Rookie Of The Year, then 3 years later top record breaker in the company
  • Successful financial advisor, retiring early

My Mission

To provide the bridge and missing pieces in people’s self development so that they can create their greatest lives and become the person they truly want to be.

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