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When you request access to a program, we provide access to all of the programs, so that you can choose the programs that you want for all of your life’s parts. Just look down this list to find the one you chose/choose:

The Master List Of Programs – For The Life University And Outside Resources

Or use this selective approach to begin the best build up for the best foundation for creating the greatest life: Recommended Approach To  Selecting Which Programs, In Which Order, To Guide Your Learning And Create The Greatest Life

Set a sequence for which programs to do in which order, if you care to. You may wish to access the core life pieces/principles in life, go here.

I suggest you consider, also, this more complete approach to selecting and surveying to determine what is relevant and best: 1st Peruse/Scan Before Choosing A Program!


The Program For Massively Improving Your Life In A Few Days! – A quick route to quick changes that can be made upfront (right away!) to propel oneself forward in life quicker!  Easy and specific! 

The Playbook For Life, To Create The Greatest Life, Guaranteed! – This creates a whole new way of improving life by making it both easier and far more effective!  Vital to a super life!

The Program For Super Upgrading Your Beliefs – Anxiety Free All Day, Feeling Very Alive, Personally Powerful  – The determinant and foundation for living a great life of happiness.  Without it, one is stuck with negative emotions for life! 

Building Sound Self Esteem, Barksdale (free ebook) – A great book on healthy, straight thinking that will have you being much more wise and happy in life!

The Life Value Productivity book – “Life changing”. This teaches you how to get more value out of life, instead of just quantity productivity. It will be a key to a whole new level of happiness and quality of life!

(There are more. See the recommended programs list near the top of this page.)

These are all provided at no cost, always. Our hope is that this will be the most life effective site you’ve ever experienced. If you stick with this approach, you will get the best results and most impact you’ve ever gotten from anything!


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This site deals with the main components of life that are so essential to creating the life that we all can have, without stress nor anxiety and operating only with healthy thinking that puts us into living as a fully developed human, living only in the positive emotions and ways of living!  

Keith D. Garrick

Of The Life Management Alliance

(A pay-it-forward, never-a-cost endeavor to dramatically improve people’s lives) – now operating under the umbrella of the non-profit 501(c)3 social benefit organization called The Life Management Institute, which is pending application for tax deductibility for Federal income tax purposes.)

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