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I highlighted a few items in the letter.

Dear Keith,

I was just going through my old mails and realised I last wrote to you three years ago! It was just after I had completed the Hoffman Process in the US.  I am not sure if you remember me.

But I am ever so grateful for your prompt replies and your support at that time. I did contemplate writing  to you several times in the past few years, but felt ashamed. [Note from Keith, just part of a process, see No Fault, Just Not Yet Knowing (in a phone, always turn this sideways for readability)  and follow its logic and learnings.] I travelled from my country to the US to do the Hoffman process with the notion that it would be the ultimate solution to all my problems. [And, yes, that is not the full completion process, as discussed below.] But after the initial few months I realised I was going back to my old self again. [It was grooved in much stronger, so it had to be grooved over by practice with the new beliefs and devices.  It’s impossible otherwise, as it took years to build it in!] 

At the Hoffman process they did warn us that we were bound to go back to old patterns  and that it would be our responsibility to get back on the right path again. Yet I found myself stuck, unable to get back on the right path.

These three years have given me a lot of information and a lot of understanding as to why I am still stuck. I realise that childhood trauma has played a part in shaping my reactions and my nervous system in adult life. Of course I cannot use that as an excuse to remain stuck. I realise that I have accumulated a lot of information and knowledge, about trauma healing and so on…but I’m still immensely stuck while trying to apply it in my day to day life. 

What brought me to write to you again was your blog post on becoming a life coach.

Life coaching as a career? Fairytale or reality?

This really struck a chord with me. At age 50ish I am still struggling to become financially independent. Struggling to leave behind the tag of being just a housewife and earn some financial stability for myself. And for almost 10 years now I have been holding on to this dream of becoming a life coach. Looking back, I realise it’s a fairytale I have been spinning. I attend trainings and workshops and pour over videos on how to be a life coach. Yet I do not take the necessary steps forward. I understand now that I just need to drop this idea and focus on my own healing and self growth first. [Wise!]

 Anyway, thank you very much for this realistic article! It put things in perspective for me. It made me realise that I am  being unrealistic and living in dreams when I say that at 50ish I want to become financially independent by becoming a life coach! 

Which now brings me to the next question. How else can I start earning money and become financially independent? Please don’t bother answering… It was just a rhetorical question  🙂

Thank you again for the wonderful selfless work that you do! 




Hi, A 

Thanks for the email and feedback.

Yes, we can, indeed, gather a lot of knowledge and gain understanding and concepts.

Then the challenge is to convert that into action, which always must come in the form of planning and determining the path and the doable steps that will lead to the final doing of the actions that will then cause the results – if we leave any piece out in the sequence (or “chain” or “production line”), we will not get the intended product out the other end that we wanted.  

Reality has no compromise, mercy, or judgement to it – it simply is what works and we simply need to follow all the steps, for magic or mystical forces will not somehow come to our rescue.  

(It’s about like making a recipe, we can get all the ingredients together, but they must all be added in a proper proportion, sometimes in a particular order and then processed according to the steps recommended.  That is just what is so.). 

One individual wrote me saying that he had been studying the site and wondering “what should I do next”.  I thought about it a bit:  “well, of course, the most important thing is to correct all beliefs so that they align with what works in reality”, but then, again, it occurred to me that if we are going to make the most progress we first have to free up the time and make it effective.  Fortunately, this had occurred to me from another such request and I went ahead and wrote up a virtually free Kindle book “Life Value Productivity”, so I recommended he start there.

This was on December 24.  On the 26th, he wrote me and said he had read the book twice and was now on his third reading AND he sent me 5 worksheets showing how he had implemented and made choices of what to add, delete, etc.  Two days later he wrote to me that he had just had the most productive day of his life.  (Another fellow reviewed the book and called it “life changing” because of the way it reconstructs the view of life to be around “life value” and eliminates (and frees up a lot) time wasted that can then become all high value time.)  Give it a shot.  

Also, although we have to convert all this down to using the whole sequence, you might read and get the idea of this piece about completion (with completed planning showing up as the key missing part for getting results, though, of course, data and information is necessary, too): The Checklist For Completion.  

This is a whole new way of thinking, so you’ll go through the necessary human process of having to go up the learning curve, with its mistakes, and seemingly slow start (people stop here, but the secret is always continuing until the desired end: the ability to produce any specific result you want, in this case.  That is the finish, as we have to implement and get the result, or the process was relatively useless.  

If you keep me posted, I might be able to think of other things for you to consider.

Something that will be helpful, besides the “Planning forms and the “planning, contents, links directory” are the other “Contents, Links” directories, where you enter into the site search engine those words plus the topics name. (Search/Find Anything)   

I do love reviewing and making suggestions around someone’s written plan, and what might be added so that we end up with a plan that when reviewed by others knowledgeable people say: “yes, I have confidence that this will be successful, truly”.  

Take a look and see if this is at all helpful and if it is something you are willing to put the work and time into….and keep me posted on anything you realize and will do, and how you are progressing, including difficulties (of which there will be some, of course).



(On phones, always turn these sideways for reading!)

Planning Overview And Discussion – Creating The Results You Want 

Kindle book “Life Value Productivity

The Checklist For Completion.  

The Learning/Knowledge/Competence Curve – The Patience To Rise Up The Curve And To Become Truly Competent

Search/Find Anything – On any of the sites…, with special contents, links, reading list directories by topic.

The Checklist For Completion – The essential, but often missing, piece for all of success in life!!!

Life coaching as a career? Fairytale or reality?


__ I have scheduled this for completion/review and follow up at this time ___  or on this list  kept in priority waiting list order: ___________________________ 

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