Be The Practical Dreamer, With No Regret

We want to go after “our dream” (our “burning desire”) and not just stick to something that “feels” unfulfilling, is boring, and/or “no fun”.

Of course!

This is a definite classic conflict many of us humans have.  

But, unless we insert what is practical, what works, we will very often suffer for it.

I see this so often that I get concerned whenever I have the hopeful dreamer in front of me and know that they likely will experience a lot of frustration and failure…needlessly!

The solution lies in attaching what works before actually stepping forward into the dream.

It is good to spend time dreaming, creating, wondering what else is possible, asking “What more do I want?” – so that you can elevate your life and be more fulfilled.

But, when we are ready to move forward, we must leave the fantasy part of the brain and use the thinking brain, aka the higher brain, to think out and plan out and design the steps necessary to assure that we will be successful. When we do that, we MUST also run the plan by others who are capable of evaluating the plan and judging whether it will work. Without the latter, there are many things that people fail to consider and plan for.

It is “not smart” to leave anything that is important to chance, but so many do.

I hope that you will help assure that you have a plan that WILL be successful and not just “hopeful” – or be sure that dreamers you run across attach the practical brain to the dream so that it will work – and so that people can avoid the suffering that so many non-balanced dreamers experience, needlessly!

The only really good way to operate in life is to become The  Balanced, Practical Dreamer.

Recently, a fellow who follows the site, sent me a request for advice to help him re-decide whether to continue trying to seek his dream, at great cost and uncertainty, or whether to go back to the boring “safe way”. I attached that piece to the following post for you to see the thinking required to make that decision in a way that works for him. The piece includes the traditional pros and cons list, but also “how to use the higher brain”, “how to assure that one has done enough preparation”, the necessity to first increase one’s Life Value Productivity, and how to put it all together.

(Here’s a link to the post, which covers some key points and then links to the full piece if you want to learn more!)

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