You Need To Be an Expert in Beliefs!

“The quality of our beliefs determine the quality of our lives.”

The BuddhaKahuna


At the core of your life is your beliefs collection. Change it and you indisputably upgrade your life forever. This is the place to start first – and to finish asap!

You cannot afford to be less than an expert in beliefs, as these affect 60,000+ thoughts every day, affecting (or infecting) all of your life!

A belief is a “program” or “system” that you’ve adopted about how a particular thing in life happens. It looks like: “if I do x, then y will happen” or “if x happens, then y will happen”, with perhaps an “add-on” of it being a threat and/or what to feel or do then.

Beliefs are “formulated” or just adopted from our experience mostly as a child, where they might have been appropriate for childhood but with many no longer workable when we are no longer dependent and powerless. Beliefs that are built into our wiring by evolution are often outdated and no longer relevant to this life, as they were formed in an atmosphere of extreme dangers.

It makes no sense for one to continue to live by outdated programs/systems, for they will be “unworkable”, not able to get one what one wants in life!

The overall final objective, of course, is to have a great life, so the objective of this section is to upgrade at least your key beliefs so that they match reality and, as such, “work” to get you what you want in life (AND no longer cause you the opposite, unhappiness, undue concern, anxiety, false fears, and such!).


What determines the quality of our lives?

The quality of our lives is determined by the thoughts we create and allow in our minds. They determine whether we feel stressed or have peace of mind and happiness. Is there anything more important?

60,000 thoughts per day, on average 80-90% are negative (and most pure nonsense). Yet happiness requires the ratio of positive to negative thoughts be 5 to 1.

We have to say to ourselves, I will not tolerate any less than that!!!!

After all, this is my very life!


We can correct a belief after we’ve seen that it is incorrect and/or already produced a bad result. And, if it is at all important, we must correct it asap. (See the procedure.)

Or we can reasonably anticipate harm, problems, bad results or such just from seeing what experts suggest should be fixed ahead of time so that the bad results are not experienced in the first place! This means that you fix all the core beliefs and key beliefs that affect your life as soon as possible, as the top priority in life (although you will have to do what is of urgent importance otherwise first).

Those who don’t do this avidly in life will suffer needlessly and cause needless bad results!!!!!

So, do it asap!!!

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." - Mark Twain

What are thoughts and what are beliefs?

A thought is a mental representation of an idea, object, event, emotion, etc., usually involving a sequence of pieces. A belief is a thought about how something works to create an effect and/or the thought that what occurs will have a particular effect.

Both a thought and a belief can (and will) have significant errors. The mind “fills in” the blanks in what it sees, remembers, and concludes – which means it “makes up” whatever is missing and then thinks it is real (the truth).

Despite a person being “certain” of something, his/her belief and/or memory is often wrong. And there is a reason why we evolved in such a way that this automatically occurs. We must know and understand how that works or we’ll be operating on a fiction that does not work well in life – at least not as well as life could work.

To understand this, read The Unconscious- How It Works And Doesn’t Work, And How To Work With It To Create A More Powerful Life.

Correcting those thoughts and beliefs that are important is a necessity for creating a vastly greater life than you are living.

And that correcting, or “upgrading”, is entirely doable, if you follow the simple path.

And there is nothing you can do that will have a greater payoff in terms of deep happiness!

Yet few do it. So they have to constantly be dealing with the results of the same misbeliefs and wrong conclusions, whereas it would have taken far less time to work on them upfront, plus it would have saved lots of mistakes and damage.

The call to action here is to implement the program for changing your beliefs.

In a nutshell

Our primitive brain simplistically misperceives and forms conclusions that range from nonsense to pretty “bad”, only occasionally being correct. Unless we intentionally, deliberately re-design them we will be run by random, accidental, haphazardly not-thought-out thoughts that are ludicrously naive but enormously harmful and damaging.

Until you understand how they are created, you cannot manage them properly and most humans will continue believing that they are the truth, when many are far from that – and if looked at with perspective one will wonder how he/she could have brought into much of this nonsense.

So, I wish you well in learning that the brain is strictly mechanical and that neuronal patterns (recordings by a lower IQ part of our brains) are only bits of data, with much being incorrect and/or illogical – and the big ones must be corrected by running them through the higher thinking brain that is our most incredible gift!

“When they come to mind, connected with some cue, they express themselves as ‘thoughts’. However, they are only thoughts, only mental constructs, not existing in the physical world, the equivalent of a child’s believing a monster is in the closet… Then these become, needlessly, the Sources Of Suffering.”

“Those are the filters of life. People and circumstances do not cause emotions; beliefs (thoughts) do.”

So what?

This is what: We must, must, must, must alter and correct our beliefs if we are to succeed in being happy.

The longer we put it off, the less happy our lives are. To the degree we do not do the work to finish, to complete, to fully change them, we will keep experiencing life at a far lower level than we want.

This is the path to changing your beliefs…


If you want a better life, you must go through the work of creating new correct beliefs to replace erroneous, dysfunctional beliefs.

Beliefs = How you think things work and are

Erroneous beliefs = Biggest obstacle to living life

Correct your key erroneous beliefs asap! Or you’ll keep getting results you don’t want. Substitute correct beliefs.

How to find erroneous beliefs: Look to see where the results are not what you want! And whenever you “feel bad” (or suffer).

Follow the program for changing beliefs.

To get what one wants:

Decide what is wanted, prioritize.
Put systematic effort toward getting it.
Remove barriers – or you’ll have to work much harder (Life is easy if you do this first!) Prioritize and then finish these off.

Dumbest thing in the world: Keeping doing and believing those things that don’t work. How could you possibly have your life work, if you do that?

Clearest indicator in the world: Wherever you get bad results.

Worst belief: “I cannot change my beliefs. And I know that because…” It is proven over and over and over that people can change their beliefs. They just do not use the right methods and/or take them to completion.

Fairy tale: Somehow thinking one can find shortcuts to this and/or thinking you don’t have to go through the process to intentionally create it being better.

Conclusion: Since we run our lives based on beliefs and that determines the quality of our lives, it is the very highest, mandatory priority to improve the quality of our beliefs – to discover what beliefs produce bad effects and to correct and upgrade them.

Next Steps!

I’d absolutely recommend that you proceed to fully mastering this once and for all, so you can get on with life without  having false, harmful, painful beliefs plaguing your life.  It is best to be freed up from these once and for all! 

Learn more about how all of this works and explore the ways to actually change those beliefs

Right now it would be good to glance over the The Program For Upgrading Your Beliefs, read the first few pieces and then consider actually doing the program (and schedule it for a start date).  

Take action now and get this handled and freed up forever!  

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