“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  


Because if you don’t examine it, you won’t be able to improve it to be better than the lower level life one will remain at otherwise!

Consider this video:

 A powerful tool to achieve self mastery (Video, 11:47), Benjamin Hardy – It takes 5-10 minutes a day, so is it worth it?  Yes, obviously, but few do it, as it seems like an extra thing to do but it actually ends up saving more time than it takes because it makes you smarter with your time and focus.  

Quick notes:

1))  Use journaling to make the unconscious conscious, for without that it is very hard to progress in life.

2)  Measure how you’re doing – “That which is measured improves.”  Pearson’s Law

3)  Measure and report to someone – Creates exponential improvement!  

Consider the level of life you’d like to live your life at and then match the level of journaling to do.  

Consider this also:  About “The Life Improvement Journal” – Possibly The Most Effective Process Of All

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