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Creating Greater Happiness By Learning About The Human Psychology Of Depression – And How To Cure It!

The impact of learning this is surprising great!

And it will lead you to being happier – and more consistently happy!

It is interesting how all the strategies to use to cure depression also are some of the main strategies we recommend for creating greater happiness.

We All Live Somewhere On “The Scale”

Almost every human lives somewhere on a scale between pure happiness and some element of not being happy, otherwise called “downness”, which is a degree of depression.

But we can learn to increase the level at which we live, with lesser downs and higher ups that change our lives forever. We can almost always never be “down” by learning those things that create the ups when we need them. (Those “ups” are what we use to cure depression.)

Too Many People Are Lower Than Makes Sense

When a great number of people in the developed countries suffer to some fair degree with anxiety (which will make you feel unhappy), something is wrong!!!. It makes no sense to be less than happy and/or secure, when we are in actuality pretty much guaranteed to be more than safe for our entire lives.

Given that that is true, then the problem must be in how we are managing our lives and how we are viewing our lives.

When I originally started my mission twenty years ago, I struggled to come up with a title. I initially consider being a “cranialrectal surgeon“, since the problem was not whether people could create a good life in practical terms, but their viewpoint. Basically, it seemed that they needed their heads removed from a very dark place.


Check this out and consider using some of the strategies in your life. Here’s my version of this:

The Program For Curing Depression – From Lifestyle On To Other Controllable Means (about a page long, with links to what to do).

It’s very practical.

Though we don’t particularly like to look at such things as this, it is hugely helpful for bettering people’s lives.

This is a good piece to share with others, if you dare, as it can benefit almost all humans.

As always, let me know the benefits you experience, your questions, and/or your comments. Contact

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