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Of course, we don’t want to waste our time on frivolous, low content, low thinking, low usefulness sites written by people who do not have sufficient expertise or rigor in determining what is true and workable.

If you’re interested in going deeper in this, to check this site out and others also, you could use:  Checking A Resource For Credibility And Value, from which I’ve extracted a checklist for you to possibly use.

Here’s a list of the criteria you might use, or scan through quickly to get the idea, so that you are using your time for the greatest payoff, instead of wasting it on lesser resources:


__ At a high thinking ability level, where they:     
__ Process information fully and      
__ Gain deeper understanding
__ Synthesizes things down into what is workable and gets actual results!
__ Nothing to sell, no conflict of interest 
__ Uses logic rigorously, without compromise
__ Learns very deeply and completely
__ Results oriented rather than theory or belief oriented
__ Practical 
__ Experienced enough
__ Freely finds and screens out other resources that are better in a particular area

(You might want to go back and look at your current resources and inflows to see if you should eliminate some of them…)


Keith has a proven track record of very high credibility and rigor in determining what works to get the best results. He has applied his extensive training in “life” to actually achieve real results in the real world, both in terms of effectiveness in life in getting what one wants in life and also in terms of the most vital: emotional success (happiness without anxiety).  The latter appears to be something many people have not adequately studied and mastered, though it is the most crucial.

Check out the summary in the page About, review it and, if you wish, link from there into the extensive background page on him and “the mission”.  

Once one has checked out the originator of the material, then one would review the characteristics and resources on the site:


The site is designed to go all the way to leading one to all the steps it takes to actually get a desired result.  No results = no worth.  What is the point of doing anything if one does not get a worthwhile payoff? 

It is also designed for “usability”.  This means that people need to have guides that systematically lead them to the end point, so they don’t have to figure it out themselves or wonder where to go.  This site links to what is next and to what is related that might be of interest.

Many sites have content that is not very accessible, because individuals naturally will not know what or where to search for it.  This site had drop down links from the major subjects down to the subtopics.  And in each of the subtopics, it has a “contents, links directory” that lists, in categories, a number of pieces to consider reading.  Those directories also have what might be considered a “reading list” that leads one into understanding and putting together the information into a meaningful whole and perspective (kind of like a “booklet” covering the topic).  See How To Use The Site For Maximum Gain, to see it in action.

Of course, you’ll be notified of additions and changes as they come up.  But the big thing is that I’ll be sending you major pieces that lead to actual results in various areas of life.  You can pick the ones you find relevant to you and then utilize them.  (Some people actually put them in their to do list so that they will be sure not to miss something of value, to return to when they actually have time.)  (Sign up for the newsletter!)


A sampling of what has been done for others is in the Testimonials page.  

“Amazed at the depth”

“Magnificent job linking so many thoughts and strategies together” 

“A brilliant piece of work.  It is amazing actually.”

“Found it so laser focused and to the point”  


Keith freely and rigorously looks for other resources (blogs, books, videos, courses, etc.) that are of excellent content and value, especially in areas in which he could not possibly be the best expert.  The commitment of the site is to have you be able to get the best results out of life, in any way “we” can possibly do it! 


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