Do this simple process, and what it is based on, and massively improve your life and emotional happiness!

Attached is a letter to a follower of the site, who needed to balance his social life AND to do the whole time construction process that will result in his feeling much, much better and being far more confident about life, getting far more out of it, and knowing that he’ll make it happen the way he wants it to happen!

Along the way, you’ll do the suggested weekly tally of hours (an example and form are included below), and you’ll be amazed at how much time you have for doing better, more satisfying and valuable things. And hopefully you’ll see that you have plenty of time in life and need not feel pressured, at least hardly ever.

When you construct the schedule and engage in increasing your productivity capability (as very strongly recommended!) your life will rapidly accelerate forward and upward – and you’ll see a huge positive emotional impact. You’ll have a future of confidence in yourself, of getting all that you want in life, and of having confidence in your future life.

There is likely nothing that will be a better payoff in life than doing this!

Read this and do this! You’ll love the effects!

Yes, Build In A Good Social Life And Then Construct The Schedule To Upgrade Your Whole Life! A Letter To A Follower Of The Site

To support you in that, see A Schedule And The Total Number Of Hours Allocated In A Week – An Example

Enjoy,! And let me know the impact this has on your life and happiness!



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Keith D. Garrick

Of The Life Management Alliance

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(Note that most of the pieces I write are intended for more study and completion.  As such, you might do the overall reading of the piece and then tickle it for followup later if you cannot complete it in one sitting.  It is not likely that you can do it in one sitting.  Possibly, read How To Read And Learn From A Keith Garrick Piece.)

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