Dr. Shefali’s 10 Principles – You also should have your own!

An extremely wise individual who has thought life out and become very successful, “Dr. Shefali”‘s advice is worth heeding.

It is important that you, too, set up your own principles list, as one of the key things to establish in life is certainty around how you want to live life. I hope you follow through on that! (Send me a copy if you will

The 10 Principles That Are Sacred To My Life, Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

When you’re ready to do this for yourself, this should give you some fodder for thought: The Key Life Principles. (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

This piece provides a whole panorama of beliefs that you might wish to adopt: The Principles And Laws Of Life – Follow These To Happiness.

May you follow through on these to create the clarity that will help you have a much greater life!


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