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Gullibility In Believing “Nice” Concepts From Spiritual Or “New Age” Presenters

We fail to question, much to our detriment, certain sources we like and/or whoever presents things we’d love to believe.

We accept these at too great a cost to ourselves.

One of the ways to get someone to believe what we are persuading them to believe is to associate what is presented with no logic and proof with something that is “scientific”.

Here’s a great example.

Quantum Physics As Used By Pseudoscientists – Dressed Up To Be Impressive, But Without A Logical Connection

Whether you are interested in that or not, consider at least learning and living by avoiding the classic thinking (or, more accurately, non-thinking) errors.

Errors In Thinking – How To Get Poorer Results In Life

Included in that are some links that might be useful if you are interested…

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Errors In Thinking is a detailed piece following from Good Decisions Lead To A Good Life – The Number One Process For Happiness


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