How good should you get at getting all the things you want in life?

If something determines all of your life, your happiness, and indeed getting you all you really want in life is that something you’d just dabble with when you have time or the inclination?

Or is it the #1 most important thing you’d want to be an expert at?

More important than being an expert at your mental emotional health and well-being?

Yes! Indeed! The art and science of creating all you want in life is what creates all of your life. (Duh! Of course!)

In fact, it leads to gaining the capability of being able to be masterful at creating emotion health and well-being and anything else. It is the chicken that produces the egg (result) of well-being.

In fact, one fellow wrote a book with the subtitle: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity, but few “got it” (at first anyway): “productivity” is not about time management but is about life management, which is the very thing you must get good at to have a life worth living, to create a life that is priceless, invaluable.

Reconsider, and restudy and reimplement, reading Getting Things Done, by David Allen, one of the super key books for a great life, up there with the famous 7 Habits Of HIghly Effective People, but more effective than that.

How many hours should you spend on this book and implementing it?

It would be foolish to spend less than 30 hours at it, especially since that 30 hours will save you easily more than 300 hours payoff back to you.

How about that, thinking how hard it is to spend 30 hours when you could do something else more entertaining, but, if you think about it, would give you back 300 extra hours of entertainment you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

Buy it and digest it and keep on reading, implementing, rereading as long as every extra hour you spend pays you back at least 10 hours….

(And consider reading my book, which you can get free from linking to: Life Value Productivity – About The Book, which also is not about time per se but about getting the most value from life. Called “Life Changing” and “the best I have seen in 20 years…”)

Write me and let me know the difference it made to your life and your happiness!!!!


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