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How much is “good enough”?

To be happy, we absolutely must know what is “good enough” and stop living in the fictional world that makes us constantly unhappy about not being or not having enough!

Learn this or you don’t have a chance of being truly happy!

When can we be considered to be “good enough?”  (or worthy or deserving)

When are you sufficiently God-like? (or good enough to be judged by others as being good enough)

Did God intend for you to make yourself unhappy about not being sufficiently God-like?

Did God expect you to have learned enough to be even close to His level or does he accept that we are where we are in our learning, knowledge and awareness??

This is all associated with a “survival” type of fear that is totally ridiculous if we look at it rationally.  But until we do that, we will be stuck in the evolution program based on what worked to have our DNA survive 10,000 years ago.  (Remember that evolution was based on what served our DNA to survive and it was not geared for “happiness” at all, except perhaps to the level of assuring we don’t get depressed and stop procreating!)  

It is essential that one straightens out one’s thinking and understanding of this – or you’ll constantly be unhappy about “being short of” something we think we must have (which is a total fiction!).  When you get to understanding this, then you can just choose what you want in life and not be driven by the fiction that we put upon ourselves!  

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