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“If we saw reality, we would never be unhappy.”

“If we saw reality, we would never be unhappy.”   

The BuddhaKahuna​

{Excerpted from: The Acceptance Of Reality And All Of Life – A Profound Viewpoint}

This means that if we looked at life and saw what was actually there from a viewpoint of “I started with nothing and now I have lots” we would experience happiness.  Yet we make-up unrealistic expectations of what should be and consequently we experience “not enough”, which has no basis “in reality.”  And then we feel bad and experience unhappiness.  The latter is incredibly stupid on our part.  It is best that we learn how the first is actually true and the latter is false – not as in “positive thinking”, but as in “true reality.”  The payoff for doing so is huge!  It will immensely alter the quality of your life!!!​”What we are unhappy about is what the story tells us, especially about what it means about us and/or the future.  But it is only a story.  Seeing through the story and “disappearing” it will create a “that’s just what is so, now what?” viewpoint.  And from there you can simply proceed to doing that which will get you more of what you want, from this point forward…and seeing what you already have, and that there is virtually nothing to worry about.”​     

                                                            The BuddhaKahuna​

In truth, we started with a huge “mountain” of human capabilities that allow us to do anything humanly possible.  The we added another layer onto the top of massive benefits and privileges and experiences and learning and “things” – and yes, we will, for sure, lose some of those gains, but leave a huge layer of added good stuff.  True, we will not be the best, do the best, or meet up to impossible expectations, but let us not live by seeing what we are missing but to see that we have long passed by “enough” or “good enough” in life and that all the rest is simply added bonuses.  It is imperative that we understand and accpt this, as it will free you from much wasted energy and suffering so that you can live life in acceptance and appreciation, for we have long passed the point of being able to live and love life!   

​See The Mountain Of Haves – Understanding And “Getting” The Mountain I Have Versus What I A Missing – An Essential Life View – Based On Reality! ​If an objective Caveman, like we used to be, somehow came into this world, what would he see, how amazed would he be, how in awe over all that we have and especially our incredible level of safety in the reality, and how… this is the actual reality of the great world we live in, in which we amazingly hold it as not enough and ourselves as not enough – how could we dare dishonor life by making up such an imagined way of looking at the world..  


Reality is only what actually exists in the (real) physical world, not in the imaginary world.  The rest is all made up. Believing the madeups is one of the most ignorant, harming things we do to ourselves.  And one of the greatest missed opportunities lies in not realizing that if we made them up in the first place, we can make up new ones that serve us better.  (Notice that your first response to that statement was to think it was not true.  Look at it more deeply and you’ll see that it is a simple, inviolable truth.  Yes, it could take some time and effort, since that is the way all things are created in the first place…)

See the piece this was excerpted from: The Acceptance Of Reality And All Of Life – A Profound Viewpoint.


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