If You Were Ugly AND Paraplegic, How Happy Could You Be?

If you were ugly AND paraplegic, how happy would you be within one year after becoming paraplegic.

The answer, per scientific studies, is just as happy as before.

If you also learned more about life and how it works, you would be even happier!

If your happiness was compared to some good looking, able bodied individual, you would be happier than him/her IF you had done more additional life learning than him/her.

The key, as you might guess, is not the conditions of oneself but the level of life knowledge and wisdom about life.

Read about this in The Actual Consequences Are Not So Bad – What Really Will Happen And How Bad Is It, Really? (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.) And read the link from there on “Why I Am Virtually Always Ok” – it contains a marvelous truth in it that all people should know.  They would be much happier if they did!

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