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Learned Optimism, Instead Of Learned Helplessness Or Pessimism

(Read the very short introduction and then get the links below! It’ll change your life, BIG TIME!))

We try to change our individual beliefs so that we can be happier, but we often fail to see that there are overarching beliefs that cause us to be susceptible to unsmartly believing those individual beliefs!!!!!

The interesting phenomenon here is that when we clear up each overarching false belief, a bunch of subsidiary beliefs just go poof!  They just seem to magically disappear.  

One of the big factors we need to re-learn is how to view the world realistically but not at all fearfully or negatively.  It seems that we “naturally” learn pessimism and worry and even helplessness (where we think we are unable to change the bad future).  

The problem is that we “learn” those things based on the lower (stupid) brain unthinkingly adopting them without proper questioning and verifying as a means of trying to “survive”.  (When we unnecessarily engage in survival thinking, it will always be excessively negative and “soul destroying”!)  

We must stop those really bad overarching beliefs asap!!!!!  As soon as we do, life changes dramatically – and I mean DRAMATICALLY!

Start here, by reading these few pieces (and perhaps the recommended book, on learned optimism): 

Optimism, by Helen Keller (read the links in it as per your interest) – Isn’t that remarkable! Maybe we all can learn something that will alter our way of thinking in life!

The Unrealism Of Pessimism, Paving The Road To Hell – You may not be a full blown pessimist but I’ll bet that you’re thinking some of the same thinking as a pessimist does! 

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If you wish to go ALL THE WAY to changing your belief system, start here.  (Caution: it takes time and thinking and deciding, but you are guided all the way.)

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