Learning How To Learn: The Most Valuable Thing You Can Do

The most effective thing you can do in life is to “learn how to learn”, as doing this well opens the gateway to acquiring the ability to do anything in life and to create a great life.  

Without doing that, one cannot create a great life – it isn’t possible without that!  

There is no alternative magic that will bypass that necessary, required knowledge. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere!

As we acquire the knowledge and skills, we become more and more able to create whatever we want in life.  

If we don’t learn how to learn (and to get very good at learning!), our learning will be too slow – we won’t have enough time to learn what we need to have a great life.  It is a pure fairy tale to believe that we will create a great life without mastering and implementing learning.  There is too much we need to learn to retool our life from the fairly primitive level of beliefs and thinking and capability.  

This page is provided to introduce you to what is needed to get to the level of knowledge and wisdom we need to create a great life.

You can approach and upgrade your learning ability to a good degree if all you do is follow The Checklist For Effective Learning(On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.) It’ll give you a list of what not to miss and what must be included in good learning.

That’s a good start.

But because this is so vital and because we can’t afford to dilly dally around, being ineffective and unsystematic, I recommend that you spend considerable time on learning how to learn by studying, becoming capable, and implementing a great learning program, starting here:  The Smart, Directed, Effective, Proactive Learning Booklet – Using “Completed Results Learning” To Create The Life You Want!

Having said that, I will now propose that you ratchet up your productivity first, so that you will be more effective at learning how to be effective.  That extra productivity will help open the gateway to learning to learn more quickly and then go about doing the actual learning which will further increase our ability to learn and then get us to the point where we are fully able to create a great life. 

Start here:  The Life Value Productivity book.  It is worth doing the whole, almost free, book as it cannot be shortcutted to a few simple things.  But one person, who focused wholeheartedly and without wasting time, wrote that in two days, he had read the book two times and was reading it a third time – and he included 5 worksheets he did that added great value, eliminated low value items, and restructured his life.  Two days after that, he reported that he had had the most productive day in his life!

Here’s a form one can use to do an intelligent, smart learning plan: The Learning Plan To Use For Efficient, Effective Learning.

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