Learning Like A Chicken With His Head Cut Off – Time to stop that!

Many people nowadays, sporadically get concerned about some things not being as good as they want them to be, so they just randomly read articles as they pop up, feeling a bit better from reading them, but essentially not really gaining anything that is lasting and of value.  

That does not work!!!!  

It is too sporadic to be able to put much together, it’s just a bunch of pieces that have some information but does not sufficiently put together what is needed and also does not go deep enough to come to any point of effectiveness, where one actually knows what to do better.    And it tends to be about an inch deep, often inaccurate, and (foolishly) repeated over and over, with no useful new information to add growth from.

What works is that you gotta sit down and spend continuous time on building the learning, set a specific time every day or every week to focus on it.

And if you are among the few who do the best at learning, you’ve got to somehow put together a sequence of what to learn in which order such that it builds efficiently and effectively, using such things as The Learning Plan or at least a sequential reading list.

A number of people find that they can set up a good sequence to learn from just by reviewing the “Contents, Links” pages of a particular subject on my site and coming up with a logical order to read them in.  Often they’ll just use the initial reading list sequence on that page.  (To find one on a particular subject, use the search engine, entering the topic/subject name plus “contents, links”.)

You’ll find that taking the more systematic approach, focusing on one topic at a time to good completion will magnify your learning to being dramatically greater, easily 10X!

(The best levels of knowing how to learn and actually doing it can be found at: 

Levels Of Learning And “Knowing That You Don’t Know” – “But I Already Know That Stuff!”  Wanna Bet? (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

Or go ALL THE WAY and learn and implement this:  The Smart, Directed, Effective, Proactive Learning Booklet – Using “Completed Results Learning” To Create The Life You Want!) (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

May you become truly very personally powerful in your life!!!


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To get a perspective and to find more on learning see Learning, Contents, Links Directory. (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

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