The point of life is to gain the most value out of life. It is to build up and accumulate what is of the most value in total. It is to live life at the highest level, so that our experience of it feels great and is great, and not burdened at all by survival concerns, anxiety, uncertainty, or any of the needless detractors from life.

How could we want less? How could we dishonor our lives by living it at lower levels, squandering it? Why would we not hold every moment as precious, to be cared for and lived at the highest level?

So, I suggest that you become really, really clear on what I call “life value”, by reading Life Value – The Worth Of Your Life Is….

There is no other good choice! You must master this!

It is what will make your life the very best it can be. Anything short of that is a ‘wasting’ of life itself!

So, again, first understand what “life value” is – completely, vividly, clearly.

Then, and only then, go and produce more of life value (and perhaps fewer widgets or other things of far less value).

How much of life can you afford to squander on the useless or even on the lower value items in life?

Learn the basics of how to do this and then do the complete learning program!

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