As discussed in the core piece “Life Value Productivity” – Producing The Maximum Life In Your Life, we get mixed up because we do not very well define what we are after in life.  So we “chase” what doesn’t really matter in life (such as “approval” or other ‘means’ goals) and/or we try to create life based on quantity and “achievement”, hoping that the total derived from life will be good, with no regrets.   That is the treadmill way of life.  It ends at a life not fully lived, with too many regrets.

But when we truly define what has value in life, we learn that life is not based on quantity but on quality and meaning.  Of course, we all “kinda” know that, but few people practice it and/or see it in the greater context over a lifetime.

We’ll later define what creates value and what the ultimate value and purpose for life is, but for now, I want you to be clear that if you make all your decisions based on a clear view of what is of the highest value at the time you will be basing your life on value and not quantity.  You will be living a “value-based” life – and you will, for sure, live a life of true happiness and fulfillment and effectiveness…you’ll be living a truly great life.

There is no other path to that truly great life.

Live the “Life-Value Based Life”!!!!!!!!!!


Worth = Total accumulated value = The total value units retained

(The units of time ‘lost’, that produced nothing of value, of course, are worthless.  Experiences that do not produce lasting benefit are, of course, “good”, but they do not add “value” that is accumulated.) 

You are the one who determines (and sets) the value.  The value in life is solely from your point of view!

Value is, in all other areas of life, something that has meaning that lasts.  A great value in antiques or in any purchase is something that continues to serve us well over time – as we can look and “see” and appreciate its value. 


Though people disagree about some of the components, I think it is irrefutable what is the meaning and purpose of life.  Even the Dalai Lama agrees with this.  Be clear about it, before proceeding any further in life.  Read The Meaning And Purpose Of Life – The Why And The Wherefore Of Life.  The answer is “Enduring Happiness”, but you need to be clear about what actually produces that, before you go about living your life producing what doesn’t produce that!

What has meaning is that which adds to our ability to survive and produce good results, including reaching, and being able to experience ongoingly, our enduring happiness purpose.  Increasing our ability to survive and thrive in life is, accordingly, a great and meaningful part of life, one that is experienced over and over and which you know is “there” (in existence) for you to appreciate the value of.  It is one of the four components for “deep, unconditional, enduring happiness“, which is the ultimate value in life – and therefore it is “life value.”


Your job in life is not to be famous, accumulate wealth, get recognition from others, be approved of by others, etc., but to be the generator of the best life experience in total for yourself.  The rest is moralistic bullbleep. 


Many people expect their “worth” to be determined by others and so they spend their lives foolishly seeking to get “it” from others – from sources outside of their control.  (It is always unwise and unproductive to try to control what is not reliably controllable.  See Control – Use It Powerfully For The Greatest Effect!  Don’t Waste It!

And what they “get” from others seems to disappear and need to be constantly renewed, before disappearing again…  And the “concern” we attach to it is a cause of much anxiety and emotional pain – all for nothing (mostly). 

As long as you are able to produce enough value for others to not get kicked out of life and to get enough cooperation from them, you have no further need for getting onto what amounts to a never-ending treamill to nowhere.  Instead, you can spend your time doing that which will get you where you want to go. 

One of the greatest mistakes mankind makes is to create goals and expectations that only lead to stress and disappointment.  This is largely where The Unhappiness Gap occurs.  Make sure you do not fall into the trap (or gap).  Read and understand and honor the truths in The Effects Of Expectations In Life And Relationships.


The positive meaning we correctly attach to certain things is in fact an expression of the value to us.  We hold something to be “of value” if it “means something” to us, in a positive way.  And old faded, pressed flower can have meaning and the memory can itself provide value.  (The Memories Notebook is one of the tools we use to mine happiness whenever we want.  It is part of #4 of the four components of happiness.)  

So, of course, doing what is meaningful adds value to our life.  And to the extent that we allow anything of lesser value, or anything that is of negative impact, to push aside that which if of higher life value, we are giving away the potential of life.  And it may be what is of the most value to one’s life.  Read and understand: Maximizing Meaning In Life, Experiencing The Highest Value.  

Note that those who are truly happy and experiencing life value are those who recognize what is of true value (of “impact relevance“) and who also promptly “fix” anything that is getting in the way of gaining that maximum value in life.  (Those who “see” what is not operating well and correct it right away are the ones who are Living Life As A Life Happiness Champion.)

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