To have a great life, we must, as soon as possible, gain a perspective and a clarity about how life works, who we need to be, and what to do.  Without that we are stuck down in the weeds, without being able to see what is going on and how to make things work – causing one all sorts of imaginary fears and anxieties.  But a great life is one without anxiety or imaginary fears.

99% of our negative emotions can be eliminated when we remove the imaginary fears and false beliefs that cause them.  This is what this site intends to facilitate with you. 

There are virtually zero real threats in this life, so we need not play it as a “survival” game.  Instead, we can literally “play” the game of life, enjoying it and creating all we want in a game of “thrival”.  We can thrive abundantly, instead of just mostly survive

To do this, we need to learn and master a few key things and correct our erroneous beliefs, so that they no longer get in the way, make us feel bad, leave any doubts, nor color our lives with negatives.  If we choose to do that, our lives will be virtually limitless, full of confidence and certainty, clear as to what to do, full of happiness, and filled with all we want.  

Believe you me, this is entirely doable, if you but follow the path that I have tested and put together for you.  

This is not in the form of a fixed book, but in flexible blocks put together as needed to truly build the pieces that create a great life.

The path of life that leads to being able to get everything we want in life looks basically like this:  

I..  Determine where you are at now.

II.  Determine (initially) where and what you want (future)

III. Determine and follow the path to “close the gap”

Part I and II are vital, vital, vital, but few really do it, so that they end up wandering around in life, and “wondering”, later, where it went

The path, in various formats, looks like this;

Learning how to learn 101↑

Learning how to think 101↑

Mastering beliefs 101↑

Structuring life 101↑

     Setting up life systems 101↑ – To make it easier and better

Power to produce/create/cause 101↑

Your mastery and results path is always in layers as we spiral upwards to higher and higher workability, wisdom, results, with much more happiness as you journey along.  You thrive, far, far beyond “survive” and with no suffering!  

This is the most important choice you can make in your life.  Make it and your life will never be the same.  See The One Decision That Will Dramatically Determine And Transform Your Life and follow its links to what is recommended next (and just keep following the linked paths!).

No path

Little progress

No real life

You progress will be far, far, far better by following well-designed paths that lead to your destinations!
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