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“Open Loops” In Your Life Create Lots Of Anxiety And Ruin Your Productivity

An “open loop” is where there is a problem or a gap to be closed and there is no way set up to address it and solve it.  It leaves us with lots of anxiety.

Here’s a piece I wrote on this and how to solve it.


An “open loop” is where there is a problem or a gap to be closed and there is no way set up to address it and solve it.  

We won’t have completed (closed) the loop until we’ve come around to solving/curing the problem/gap and getting the desired result.  (Everything we do in life must always be results-based, not based on “feeling like I’ve done enough”.)   

Leaving lots of “open loops” in life is a great source of anxiety, per David Allen in his super highly rated book, Getting Things Done (called the GTD system).  

And anxiety leaves us in a lower state of being (in our lower brain) and our productivity plummets, as our energy and attention is drawn away to trying to fix the anxiety threat

In a lower state of being our functioning is lowered, we are less capable and less conscious, and we are more subject to negative reactivity and feelings.   Because of our lower productivity, we get less of what we want in life, we lose the good feelings we would have had from getting what we want, and we feel bad about not being more effective or being at a high enough level in life. 

This anxiety and distraction occurs because the lower, survival brain has evolved to magnify the  significance of threats/negatives.  It almost constantly engages in worrying (“constantly drawing attention to”), so that nothing is left unsettled that could have us not survive.  As it draws attention to that, it, of course, draws and drains attention away from what we could do that would better benefit us, so that we could feel better and, of course, accomplish those things that would also benefit us and make us feel better.  [The more we feel better, the more the brain learns (from the repetition) to feel better!]  

And there is a direct affect on our physiology so that our energy and our physical function are both impaired.  


Many people cannot see why they should bother each time noting down what went wrong or felt bad.  The benefit of it is something they do not quite “get”. 

But the life power tool protocol includes the process of, at some point, taking each one of those noted items and putting them on a list that is prioritized for fixing and finishing things off.  And then it has us giving top priority to solving those as soon as possible, so that one’s life can be uplifted and be free, forever, of those problems and negatives. 

The result of this constant practice is that there is a “closed loop”, such that the lower brain need no longer worry about whether or not the problem will be addressed and feel trust in the problem being solved and not left to repeat itself again later in life.

Continue this to learn more about how to close out this huge problem creator for anxiety and for distraction…. Continue reading

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