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(Link to share: Our Basic Need Is To “Feel Good” – That’s It!)

When you finally learn to run your life by “feel good” (and by “straight thinking”), you will be able to fully live a great, happy life!

This excerpt from a great effective book is provided here (and you can get the book free, below).  



Our basic need is to “feel good” about ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. This need is our ultimate motivation, for regardless of our immediate objective, everything we do is to achieve a sense of total well-being. Herein lies our crucial need for sound self-esteem, for we cannot possibly feel at peace with ourselves without significant senses of adequacy and self-worth.

All our goals, hopes and aspirations are based on this fundamental need. The more limited and distorted our awareness, the more misleading and unfulfilling are our efforts. For example, we drink, we smoke, we take drugs, we pursue and worship sex. We have compulsive needs for attention, to win, to be “better than,” to avoid mistakes, to help others, to straighten people out, to accumulate wealth we can never use, to gain power and prestige, to eat all the rich expensive foods we can stuff into our stomachs, or whatever. We have a desperate urge to love and to be loved, to be accepted and approved of, to be respected and looked up to, on and on, ad infinitum. And, if we examine the ultimate motivation behind all needs, we find it is our universal need to “feel good!”

Thus, the true measure of success is the degree to which we actually do “feel good” about ourselves, despite material prosperity or prestige. Our only obstacle to achieving this ultimate objective is our limited and distorted awareness. The tests, of course, are our peace of mind and overall sense of well-being. This is what self-esteem is all about, for whether or not we realize it, practically our every endeavor is an indirect attempt to gain a sense of self-worth so that we can approve of and “feel good” about ourselves.

Excerpted from Building Sound Self Esteem, Happiness, And Healthy Straight Thinking, L.S. Barksdale, which is provided free by our never-a-cost site: Gain Access


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