Run Your Life And Your Thoughts By “The Truth Test”!!!!


Prompters to ask the truth question:  “Do I feel bad?” or “Does it produce a bad result?”  [If something produces a negative emotion and/or a bad result, it likely stems from a falsehood, in the form of a “belief”.]

The first truth question:    Is it true?   

If someone answers yes, based on a strong belief, then the second question is necessary:

The second truth question:  Is it absolutely, provably, logically true? 

This will screen out almost all “pretenders” to truth.

The third truth question:  If that isn’t the truth, what is?

Then simply write down (or dialogue) the alternatives that could be the truth.  As in other parts of the site where we suggest that if something isn’t working then you probably should try the opposite, you could do the same with your untrue belief.

An interesting, and apparently productive, way of generating alternatives is to use the “turnaround” that Byron Katie has incorporated into her “The Work” process.

Finally, you’ll picking the top ones, if there are several, and see which passes the test. 

You could very reasonably also run it by a wise person to make sure it is true. 

This is an excerpt from the full piece: The Truth Test – If It Doesn’t Pass This Test, Stop Believing It!! (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

Question, from Patrick: “This is definitely something that is needed right now. How do we know which thoughts we should believe and which one’s we shouldn’t?”

Answer. Most magnificently by using those who can direct us better and teach us how to “think” better, but ultimately one can do this pretty well just by asking the questions and then being able to go after the answers and create the final conclusion/solution.

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