Set up a “life reminders” system to keep you living the best life!

We humans tend to forget, relatively easily and soon, the great epiphanies and insights and wisdoms we read and get all excited about. And nothing happens or it doesn’t sustain itself.

What is required to get around that, first, is to bring it back to mind so that you can consider to do it! (Duh!)

I’d recommend that you consider having a daily, a weekly, and/or a monthly reminder system.

All you need to do is use your digital calendar system to remind you.

In my daily reminder system (which appears on the top of my Google Calendar page), I include such things as:

Don’t do anything of low value, just skip it!!!!!!! Make room for the high valued items, period!” [Incredibly life enhancing!!! And I easily fall into forgetting that if not reminded!]

Don’t allow “escape/avoidance” as a “value” or way to peace – it is too costly – rest/recover “life power” instead!”

If you were to do this, what reminders would you put in there? (Contact. I’ll share whatever I get.)


These strategies/systems are part of the book, which you can get at no cost:

Life Value Productivity – Getting The Most Value Out Of Life

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