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The Life University is here to support you on your journey to create a life you truly love. A life that supports you on your path towards fulfillment, happiness and impact.  

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And you'll start on a journey in life using the most useful and usable life improvement site on the internet - and it'll be at Never A Cost!  


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 This Will Change Your Life And How You View It!


Plus You'll Have Free Access To Learning Programs And E-books For Each Area Of Life


 I've found it is best to have a program to follow, step by step.  People have a very difficult time pulling together all that is needed to master an area of life learning, plus they haven't learned how to screen what is necessary nor how to turn it into steps that are actually implementable for getting results in life.


For what is the point of learning if one doesn't not fully reap the results and benefits! 


And through these systems, you actually build in the reminders and systems to keep getting those results - it's not just a bunch of information passing thorugh the night into nothingness, to be lost forever!


You will build a super strong foundation for you life, so that you'll be able to create ALL of what you really want in life! 


You'll have access to the full list of programs we've provided for you at The Life University



The Most Useful Personal Development Site On The Internet - And All At Never-A-Cost

3500+ pieces plus the links to screened-for-you resources, to get the best of the best.

And you can actually find them to be able to use them when you want!  Most sites are merely a large pile of pieces where it is difficult to find what you want.

This site has "contents, links" sections for each major topic and subtopic in life, in which you'll be able to peruse and select the pieces of interest and also start with a reading sequence, so you don't have to figure it out and organize it for yourself!!! 

I challenge you to find a more useful personal and life development site on the planet.  Just contact me via the set up on the site. 

This Will Change Your Life And How You View It!

Everything on this site is screened for workability and truth, without hype and claims, but based only on fact.

This is done with a mixture of strategies and approaches.  

We find that these three core things are what we first need at the core: 

To create the greatest belief systems as a super priority.

To create the productivity systems that will guarantee you are able to get whatever you want from life - for certain, and not based on just hope!

To find out how life works and how to work it, so that you can get anything you want in life based on reality!  This will totally change your paradigms and viewpoints of life - and create the solid foundation for creating true happiness and personal power!   


The underlying organization for all of this is The Life Management Institute, Inc., A Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization, in the form of a charitable 501(c) 3.

The basic core operations will be provided for many years by Keith D. Garrick, whom you'll meet on the site,   

The moneys needed for growth will be provided by Keith and a number of volunteer sources:

As a "pay it forward", by individuals who are benefitted by the site and wish to help others, such as with the scholarship program and added materials/courses.

By fund raising and grants.

By corporations who sponsor this endeavor by covering its basic costs.

By individuals providing moneys, at no extra cost, from such services as Amazon services that one could choose to use or not.

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