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Stop Believing In Pseudoscience, Even Though It’s Appealing…

We want so very much to believe in magic and claims that give us powers over our body and “the universe” that we turn off our higher brains and buy into what we just want to believe. We give up our right to really “think” to discern between what is true and what is made up, even to the extent it leads to the absurd.

No, it is not harmless to believe in such things as they lead us down the slippery path into not really thinking, where one is stuck in doing what diminishes us to the level of a child’s thinking ability.

Consider this piece if you see that you might be letting some of those things past the guarded gateway to your mind and to your life.

Pseudoscience And The Pseudoscientists – Hogwash Made Up And Presented As “Truth”


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2 thoughts on “Stop Believing In Pseudoscience, Even Though It’s Appealing…”

  1. Thank you for this post!! It helped me move from confusion to clarity on a whole lot of teachings and teachers out there!!!

    1. Keith Garrick

      Thank you for this comment. It may help other people to see what they are doing, or not doing that they should do! And the confusion it causes to have such enticing claims out there is huge!

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