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Super-Rule! Don’t Chase Too Many Rabbits!

This might be a version of the road to hell, or at least to nowheresville!

Confucius: “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”

Excess Anxiety…

A path to excess anxiety is chasing too many rabbits.

The Lower Brain Goes Crazy

Your lower brain survival programs will go crazy, as they can’t let go of anything unsolved. It’s a primitive program that helped people survives 10,000 years ago, when it was critical to solve survival threats or die.

This is a form of worry, which you should learn and master: Worry – What We Do, Needlessly, As A Result Of Anxiety (and how to stop it!)

You Get Nowhere! And Get Frustrated!

To put this plainly, chasing more than one rabbit is insane, foolish “thinking”. And its frustrating to put out a lot of effort and get no payoffs.

In the process, you will also always be stopping one thing (chasing a rabbit) to chase another thing (the other rabbit) and each time you do that, you’ll have to refocus and restart (usually takes about 20 minutes from your productivity, at least). And you will lose your momentum on whatever you were chasing after!

You should become an expert at managing this. Implement ALL of the to do items in my virtually free Kindle book: Life Value Productivity, which could be for you what it was for one reviewer: “Life changing!”

So…What Should I Do About This!

Vow to, and practice, to never focus or do more than one thing at a time. (And fully implement the book recommended!)

[Note that this is, consistent with the promise made on this site, a “for sure” results post, not just a post where there is “learning” that goes nowhere.]

May you benefit from this, as there is almost no one who couldn’t do this better!


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A P.S. Note On Worry

“Worry is a “civilized” form of voodoo.  It is magical thinking that we think it will somehow prevent the events we are concerned about.  People fail to objectively note that virtually never is there real permanent harm – and that, if there is, we as humans automatically adjust and we do it much better than we think we will   Sure there is discomfort, inconvenience, not being as rich, not meeting expectations – but those are just mind games which we can choose to play a different way….

Worry is one of the greatest, needless wastes of human energy and destroyers of happiness.  It must not be tolerated!  Either direct your attention to what you feel anxious about and do something about it or disengage if it is not something you’ll do anything about.  Do not believe that worrying will prove one bit useful but do believe that it will be very, very harmful.”  

                                                            The BuddhaKahuna

Master this, as it will dramatically uplevel your happiness and your life!!!!! We waste massive amounts of energy/effort on it and it destroys much of our lives and gets in the way of getting what we really want in life. Dumping it can lead to 10Xing one’s happiness!!! Worry – What We Do, Needlessly, As A Result Of Anxiety

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