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Systematize And Upgrade Your “Life Systems” Transformatively!

Your life will soon start to compound and accumulate upward so fast that it will astound you, as it did for Sam Carpenter.

Anyone can do it! If you follow the #1 rule, I guarantee a life transformation!

It could sound boring, but it’ll soon make your life so much better and easier and more enjoyable – and get you massive returns over life!

[Here’s my most recent updating of the “contents, links” directories that I set up for you in each area, so that you can easily review and follow a sequence to learn in each area of your life.]


Checklist/procedurize everything that is important!

Do this for everything that will be useful in the future.  

It helps systematize the steps into a system and to design a system that works!  

When you do this, you will “accumulate” knowledge much faster, except that this “knowledge” is in the Second Brain, not to be lost ever, and is of a better, more detailed and thought out quality.  

Do this and your life will compound geometrically upward. Do things the ordinary way and you will grow linearly and much more slowly. 

 Checklists Procedures, Systems, Contents, Links

Let me know what difference that makes in your life (and any questions you may have).

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