Take The New Dream Path Or The Safer One? A Vital Inquiry…

I answered this fellow’s question, but I also added in a complete set of other links for him to use and gain skill and a better life from. It included some rules of what never to violate in life, how to use the higher brain for much greater personal power and success, and how far to go in planning to assure success and avoid the suffering that so many go through, needlessly!

Subject:  I would need your advice:


“Hi Keith, First, I would like to give you a BIG THANKS for your priceless LMA site. My story in brief:…”

His full statement and the in-depth answer are included here: Making The Choice When The Dream Is Beckoning(On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

Here are some of the key points and links:

…only a small percentage actually succeed, or at least not succeed well, when they don’t completely plan out and balance what is needed to realistically produce the desired results.”

“That’s the reason why I recommend that each dreamer run his/her plan by at least 3 objective, realistic, skilled individuals until they all sign off as to their confidence that the dreamer has solidly ground him/herself such that he/she WILL be successful!…”

“The Carpenter’s Rule:  “Measure twice, cut once.”

The Pros And Cons list…”

 The Higher Brain And The Lower Brain – Which You Stay In Determines Your Very Life! – This includes a comprehensive set of links that will dramatically improves one’s life…

The Wisdom Of “The Margin Of Safety” – Smart people do this to assure nothing negative occurs that is too much..

Choosing The Right Career/Business – Measure Twice, Cut Once – It makes no sense to go any other way!

Again, here is the full piece: Making The Choice When The Dream Is Beckoning.

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