These are not actually requested testimonials. They are simply messages I’ve received of thank you and appreciation for the content.

There are quite a number of them, for which I am most appreciative. I’ve only gathered a few, but I’ll sort through my email cache section that includes the thank you’s and comments.

Note that I also link people to outside books and sites. Many write back to say how they have changed their lives.

Together with my work and the screened selected works elsewhere, I am quite confident that this can be one of the most valuable resources for people to create their greatest lives!

Here’s a few excerpts:

(I’ve bolded a few parts so you can scan more easily.)


“Keith, Thank you so much for doing this work. I spent several hours yesterday on the site and found it so laser focused and to the point that I am renewed and stimulated to take on some issues I have been failing to address. Also, I am amazed at the depth of what you have put together and spirit in which it is done. It is so inspiring. Thanks again.”


“…just FABULOUS…..it was so very helpful and so very enlightened…

You deserve the Nobel Personal Growth prize…I suspect your name will be in lights one of these days.” =-)


“You have done a magnificent job linking so many thoughts and strategies together – this is a brilliant piece of work.  It is amazing actually.”


“… your website and the links you’ve turned me on to are affecting me profoundly, and are exquisitely synchronistic and catalytic. I am very grateful for what you’ve touched in me, and the resources you have offered.

Blessings and profound gratitude for your part in my rapidly expanding life experience.”


“Hi Keith, I’m from Mumbai, India. I have been using your website for more than 3 months. It’s a super human effort that you have put in. How many years has it taken you ? It surely cannot be a work of One Life Time…”


“I would like to give you a BIG THANKS for your priceless LMA site.”


In an ask and answer site:

The best link I’ve found so far is probably Establishing A Strong Life Philosophy which is on the Life Management Alliance page itself. Kahunakeith as he was once known here on bmindful has a superb site.”


One fellow using something I called The Life Improvement Journal, with sets of guided questions, he applied it this way:  “​What belief can I correct now?  (See Dealing With And Changing Beliefs.)​ The process worked like melted snow on a hot tin roof. I assessed several past “failed relationships” and gleaned important but overlooked nuggets of gold.”


Perhaps I’ll gather up more, but I think you get the idea for now.

It’s a good idea to gather up such things for yourself. On the sites in this group here, I have recommended that you keep records of thank you’s and acknowledgements. Also, it is recommended that you write down every pleasant memory throughout your life – no matter how small, like getting a toy engine as a kid or, for me, a Hopalong Cassidy cowboy outfit – there were 100’s on my list – it’s a remarkable experiences and very “filling” and empowering. Try it!

[A few links: The Memories Notebook and A 100 Memories, Things I Loved.)