4 of the Greatest Quotes Of All Time that will Allow You To Change Your Life Forever

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Are you looking to create an incredible life for yourself this year? I’ve found that quotes can be a true motivator and help you integrate new practices into your life. Checkout the video below where Benjamin Hardy lists 4 quotes that can truly change your life forever.

“Commitment is a statement of what is. From our perspective, you can know your commitments by your results, not by what you say your commitments are. We are all committed. Conscious leaders own their commitments by owning their results.” – Benjamin Hardy

Yes this is one of those pieces which provides you with information presented at random, which is a largely ineffectual way to learn. So we encourage one to follow the rule of systematic, high value learning, in general – knowing how to learn is one of the core skills that will greatly enhance life! But there are some random pieces that I think a Life University follower may find of value and will be able to take and proactively harness the benefit from.

Some have special value because they explain things in a better or different way. And, of course, some provide better content and/or information that is not provided on my site already. (I will normally link those back into one of my pieces in order to “capture” the content for the time when you will be using it for your life or specific needs.)

These types of posts are made at the moment that I find them, so they will, of course, be more random. You can quickly scan to see if you want to read or not, but I’m sure you’ll find some worthy of the value that Life University followers are here for.

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