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The Best Way To Quickly Read Books?

The Question:

“This is such a wonderful resource!! Thank you so much Keith!! What’s the best way to quickly read books? What do you personally do? Do you listen to audio books? Thanks in advance!”

Excellent and key question!  

Productivity is the science of getting the most results value out of whatever you do.  

And if we do alot of any one thing, it pays over and over and over to learn to do it well!

I find that podcasts and audiobooks are only for when you can’t do anything else and want to get a bit of wisdom. 

It is better to do something where you can highlight and then go back and harvest the information to actually go thorough to get the results – which is the purpose of all non-fiction reading.  

Here are some resources on the site you can use

Learning Contents Links Directory – This is useful for navigating to what you want in this area. (You’d link to this from the site if you entered on the site:  Learning contents.)

It includes these: 

Smart, Directed, Effective, Proactive Learning Booklet – Using “Completed Results Learning” To Create The Life You Want!  (36 pages)

And, in direct answer to your question: Productive Reading – Why Doddle And Waste Time? – Be a master at “honing in” to what is most valuable, and then harvest that!

I hope this serves you well at creating even more power from your learning in life!!!!


I never do an audiobook, since it is massively slower, in terms of harvesting for results than reading/scanning, etc.

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