The Biggest Effector of Life

The biggest effector of life is religiously, to the hilt, using your highest brain to choose what is of the highest value before, and instead of, a lower value item.

It is bigger than all of the efficiency skills, earning skills, pride and looking good skills

Yes, we are thoughtlessly sucked into the demands of life, losing our perspective, and, accordingly, losing our power and our very ability to control and mold life into what we most desire.

Sad.  Very sad.

I see people flushing the greatest portion of their lives down the drain by simply choosing to not harvest that which is of greater value and instead putting in its place that which is of the lowest life value.   (Read Life Value – The Worth Of Your Life Is….)

You “simply” make a list of all of your highest values (screening them for validity!) and then make a list of activities that produce the highest value, medium value, and low/no value.  Then you stop doing anything that is of lower value than the highest value item you could, instead, do.  And you slash and burn all of the low value activities, as was one of my first steps in stepping up to the next level of life!   (Of course, there is a learning process here, but as you perfect it you’ll find that you feel better and better and better in life – and hugely happier!)  See The Highest Value Activities In Life – Harvesting The Golden Eggs And Enabling The Golden Goose.

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