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The Cure For Anxiety

We entertain absolute nonsense, from what we call the monkey mind – and then we believe the thoughts are real! And it drives us to anxiety – the slow death of a life’s potential.

We, essentially, numb our brain and its ability to think!

And somehow we believe that the process we use to do that (worry) is actually going to help us solve something. But that is a purely foolish belief. It does the opposite.

Instead of avoiding what we are anxious about, and perpetuating leaving it in the brain, we must do either or both of these:

Focus entirely on the item until solved – never leave it in the lower mind!

Drop it!

But we must never keep it, never leave to rot in our mind!!!!

To be wise, one must:

1. Understand what anxiety is – completely

2. Know where it comes from

3. Know how to cure it

Watch/listen to this Buddhism: The Cure For Anxiety?

And, of course, follow up on The Life University site, to learn what you need to do to become wise…and anxiety free!

Anxiety And The Anxiety Cure

To actually get the “starting practice” that has us dealing with any negative thoughts and emotions, we must use the #1 practice to create a great life and adhere to the #1 criteria for living life.

Start with this version of what star athletes and individuals adhere to absolutely: Living based on the feedback-adjustment process. What works absolutely that I know of is this version I’ve written and use: The Life Power Process Tool. (It will reveal what the #1 criteria is for living life.)

May you live life completely free of anxiety!


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