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The Four Stages of Personal Growth

I like the way this guy covers a “model” that I’m already very familiar with, as he makes it more understandable for most people

Basically, our first major transition in life is when we go from “it is done to me” to ” It is done by me“.

But once you “get that”, it is smart, I think, to start harvesting your way to get to the third stage: “Life is done through me”, where we learn not to just rely on our basic abilities to be productive from one’s own efforts but to create through the management of others and of resources. When we do that, we enter an area of unlimited possible “productivity”, where we are able to get at least 2X times more out of life. However, there is no limit, so I would say it is probable that you can 10X life, getting more than times what you were able to get in life from the old way of looking at things.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will still have to do the work, which happens slowly, along the mandatory learning curve, but you can achieve, relatively quickly a life that is several times greater than the old.

Here’s the article:

The Four Stages of Personal Growth.


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I disagree strongly with a few assertions in Quadrant 4.

You are not “submitting yourself to the will of the universe, since the universe does not have a will (read Michael Shermer’s book or my summary “The Believing Brain”, which makes it clear that “non-alive” things do not have will or intent or anything our brain has. I’d turn it around to say “you figure out how to use the power and energy of things outside of yourself, by learning how they work and how to work them”. The latter is a key theme of my site, as, in order to learn how to manage life and the inanimate world around us, we need not only learn how they work, but how to actually work them: to get the results we want. When we approach every area of life by completing our learning to the point where we can actually get the results we want, reliably, we soon become masters of life!

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