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The Four Ways Of Being That Create A Great Life!

Think about this and choose what you think will be best for your life.

I’d recommend that you do at least the first three, as they will transform your life.

Here is an overall summary of the four, with some added comments and “to dos” to follow up on. Read the full article also (linked from my piece).

The Four Ways Of Being That Create A Great Life


These are the ways, but read the details in the linked piece to actually understand and choose them.

  1. Being authentic (read how this is defined)
  2. Being cause in the matter of everything in your life (the most important of all!)
  3. Being a person or an organization of integrity (read how this is defined!)

And the bonus, but only when you’re actually ready:

4. Being committed to something bigger than yourself (as an addition, not a “means to”)

Take these, carefully consider them and then install them into your automatic, effortless thinking programs that run your life, for a great considerably upleveled life!


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