The Higher Brain And The Lower Brain… Determine Your Very Life!

You can only be in your life power if you are operating in your higher brain (which is that which creates one’s “higher self’).                                                                                        The BuddhaKahuna

This is a simplistic explanation piece, from which you can go up the levels of complexity if you wish.  But it is vital that you gain this distinction if you are to live the life you truly want and love.

In functional terms, the parts of our operating system are:

The body, with its sensations and wired in functionality.  It adapts mechanically.

The lower brain which is run by programs that are automatic results of a mechanical (“evolutionary”) process and not very able to “think” (reason out and process).

The higher brain which is able to actually think and do the higher functions that humans are uniquely able to do.

The higher brain is the only vehicle through which one can create the improved life one wants to live.  (The lower brain can improve life only a tiny bit, through non-thinking mechanical evolution related to mechanical survival.) 

Are you operating in your lower mind, the automated survival programmed mind (aka your lower self)?

Or are you making sure that you are in your higher brain, fully conscious, fully alert, and fully running and choosing your life?

I recommend that you make sure you are staying in, and/or returning to, being in your higher brain.  As part of that, you would often be “checking in”, asking “Which brain am I in now?”  And then assuring that you shift into the higher brain!

To do that you must follow these two vital practices:

Always first maintaining or returning to one’s Life Power Zone – and setting this as the only choice to be in! (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

Practicing this whenever a shift is made or a “negative” occurs:  The Power Pause Timeout Tool.  And you’d carry that tool out until the end correction to what works best in life. 

Just adhere strictly to those and the rest of life will work out wonderfully.


Using The Superpowerful Higher Brain As It Should Be Used – The “Secret” To A Greater Life – “If you don’t know how to use your brains, for God’s sake, and yours, learn how!!!  Master it!!!  For it is what will determine your life!!!  It is the way to creating the greatest life!!!!  Period!!!!”

Stupid  Brain Operation, Stupid Patterns, & Using The Higher Brain For Redesign – Any Other Way Is Stupid – Isn’t that clear???!!!! 

The Struggle Of Behaviors Between The Higher And Lower Brains – You have much, much more ability to determine your behaviors than you likely believe you have!!!!!!!  Control your behavior, control your life!

Understanding How The Primitive Brain Thoughts Work – Not Understanding Perpetuates Ideas That Keep You Stuck – Lower brain “thinking” (reactivity) keeps one stuck in a repeating, reinforcing emotional cycle, locked in some form of fear (threat, insecurity, protection….).  And whenever we are in fear ,our higher brains shut down in order to bring in The Fear Response.

How To Make Your Brain Work Very Effectively For You, Very Surely, Simply And Easily – I’d highly recommend that you have a brain that works very effectively!  And not allow it to operate ineffectively!!!  (Duh!) 

When Am I In The Lower Or The Higher Brain?  Spotting When You Are In The Lower Brain Can Be Life Changing – Switching will free your progress up and literally  transform your life!!

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