The intelligence of how to breath for energy and oxygenation

A smart manager of life will have developed certain key strategies that he/she can use for energy and recovery. He/she will practice the top 5 things to do in situations that arise daily – and by having an established process they can call on, they can intelligently manage their lives and “keep their cool” and their power.

The intelligent manager of life will remember the value of breathing as it affects the psychological and the ability to better manage behaviors. He/she knows that through physiology we can stop and manage any negative thoughts and feeling.

Here is an example, in an actual coaching session: Is Box Breathing Worthwhile? (Video, 2:24).

You should have at least built expertise in all of these basic practices – without half-assed compromises – try this to orient yourself quickly as to what to learn and do:

The Core Guide To Mastering Breathing – From Calming To Energizing.


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