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The Only Way To Create A Great (Greater) Life!

This is the only way to create one’s greatest life.  It isn’t possible just by life exposure (without learning in most cases) or by being an amateur at it!

If you truly want to have a much better future, be much more personally powerful in life, to be free of suffering, and have true happiness, you must go through this practice! There is no other way!

No, hope won’t do it nor magic, this is the only way!:

Keep Moving In The Direction Of A Greater Future Self And More Happiness! And At A Pace That Best Serves You Well!

Also, read this excerpt from the upcoming Playbook For Life (link to it from this access links page), part of which contains this section as one of the Three Gateways To The Greatest Life: Gateway 1: Learning As The Key To The Rest Of Life (before the other gateways are possible!).  


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Keith D. Garrick

Of The Life Management Alliance

(A pay-it-forward, never-a-cost endeavor to dramatically improve people’s lives) – now operating under the umbrella of the non-profit 501(c)3 social benefit organization called The Life Management Institute, which is pending application for tax deductibility for Federal income tax purposes.)

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(Note that most of the pieces I write are intended for more study and completion.  As such, you might do the overall reading of the piece and then tickle it for followup later if you cannot complete it in one sitting.  It is not likely that you can do it in one sitting.  Possibly, read How To Read And Learn From A Keith Garrick Piece.)

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