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The Seven Stage “Meditation” – A Powerful, Short, Morning “Meditation”

This morning review “meditation” will uplift and direct your day to its highest level. Check it out and use it (Let me know your results from it!)

People love the six phase meditation and practice it every day.  Here is my version of the “meditation”.

Vishen Lakhiani has created something he calls The Six Phase Meditation, which he puts out there freely for all to use.  His is separated into one minute segments, though mine will vary from that.  His meditation is nicely covered in his excellent, well grounded book The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, though there are many articles covering it and some good video explanations and illustrations of the process that you could use.  

I made up my version of this, though it is less like a “meditation” and more like a declaration and affirmation piece.  I added some links which you might use to clarify what a term/phrase means and/or use for greater life understanding.  

 My version of this that I can recommend as an alternative is as follows: The Seven Stage “Meditation” , which includes some great “languaging” and content that will uplift your whole day in a concrete way….


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