Just write in an email or  post on social media something like “I’ve found the site/blog The Life University to have deep, useful content covering all areas for creating a greater life – all provided at no cost.  You might want to check it out.”   


You can simply share an article that you found worthwhile, saying something like “I found this article to be quite useful.  This site appears to have a great deal of depth of material that people can use to benefit their lives in many ways.”  (Links to some social media are below in each page, otherwise just copy the internet address and paste it into the message.)


Thank you for spreading the word!  


(I have nothing to gain financially, but you can help build the service to the point where it will be financially self sustaining at some point and to start building the organization such that we can accelerate the development of the no-cost services and, in the long run, provide scholarships that include purchasing outside resources for our “life scholars” as needed.  That is described in The Story, The Mission…

After I put in million or so, it will need to be self sustaining based on pay-it-forward contributions from those who have greatly benefited from these services.)

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