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We massively waste energy and life by misusing our physiology and “ergonomics!!!!

“Ergonomics? Ho hum!”

Ergonomics and its related cousin, physiology, are massively underestimated for the effect they have on our body, energy, and even, greatly, psychology!

I urge you to do these easy adjustments that will have you eliminating aches and pains and stopping the energy wasted by not using our bodies in an effective way.

It might sound small, but it is the one thing we are engaged in all day – and whenever you improve something a little that is multiplied by being used many, many, may times, you create great benefits.

Give it a shot and see for yourself!!!!

Ergonomics – Avoiding Excess Wear And Imbalance

And check out physiology and its related components in life:

Physiology Contents, Links Directory.

A word to the wise is sufficient…


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