Why and how we can very simply change our emotions and behaviors!

People persist in believing that emotions and behaviors are complex mysteries and that they are too hard to grasp and control. Although I keep hoping that people will just follow the tools that are simple and mechanical that I propose, few seem to be doing such, at least not persistently (if one does that, one’s life is guaranteed to change – if one persists for life in doing it, I absolutely guarantee that one will have a great life!).

Once a person realizes how it is simple to use the simple, basic mechanics in our body and brain, then that person can use the mechanism in the body that is simple and easy to control the emotions, and one’s energy – and they can do it flawlessly with zero training required!

Just breathing and simple relaxation (or the opposite of movement) can change one’s emotions and our resultant behaviors all WITHOUT HAVING TO TRY TO CONTROL THE MIND (which is impossible to do directly, as that is like trying to grab the air – it doesn’t work – check out the video to see why).

This video interview explains this very clearly and can be used as a tool for feeling and being much happier and/or effective in life. I recommend you apply smart learning to it, by taking notes and finishing off the process by laying out the steps of what you’ll do – please don’t do “stupid learning”, which is where someone listens or reads and believes they are learning and will get results – definitely not the smart thing to do and mostly a big waste of time.

Click here (and do let me know if this is something that you’d like more of): “Your Behaviour Won’t Be The Same After This!

I’ve copied the notes from this video so that you can access and use the youtube videos that will be helpful for application and results:

Lewis Howes
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