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Bolded, bracketed answers are inserted in the question from a proactive user of the site!    … (This should also help find exactly what you want, in a more easily accessible way and in “sequences” to read.)

2. Can you recommend a coach to help guide me through the massive information? For example I need/want to spend time on Barksdale every day and other meditations (compassion/equanimity etc). I am a bit scatter brained and have a tendency to go off on tangents. [Normal human being, especially in today’s world of stimulations.] Yet I want to devote myself to your ideas both for myself and potential interested employees.

[Yes, I would indeed recommend using a coach, but I don’t know of anybody that would take it on in that way, so people have to be more self-driven (proactive) to find and follow the sequences, specifically found in the “contents, links” directory (you enter that name and the name of the topic into the main search engine for the main site) and/or the “programs”, which are designed to give you a sequence (with forms, etc.) that you can follow:  The master list of programs for The Life University, considering following the sequences I recommend (link to that from the master list).  See .

Please let me know if that is helpful, or you need other things, etc.  and keep the questions and inquiries coming so that I can see what works and what doesn’t.  Glad to see you being a very proactive learner!!!!  

It is inspiring seeing a person who is so committed to discovering what works best in life and finding out how to create the best life!!!!]


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